Patient Forms

At the time of your first appointment with our attending physician, aside from the medical records that you must bring with you, you will be required to bring and sign two (2) forms which are available in PDF format below. One is the New Patient Intake Form in which you detail your medical history. The second Patient Release Form describes your obligations and understandings. The third form describes the Benefits and Risks of Medical Marijuana. We ask to you to review before your appointment, so that you may raise any questions or concerns during your appointment. Please print out each form, read each carefully, complete each form where applicable, and sign and initial where appropriate. If you have any questions about these forms, please be certain to raise them with the attending physician or staff at your first appointment. The two (2) properly completed and signed forms, available for review by our attending physician, are a prerequisite to obtaining a state issued MMJ card.

Completing the forms in advance will save you about 30 minutes during the appointment.