Medical Records

It is most importation that you secure a copy of your recent medical records, showing your diagnosis, medical history and treatment. Records may be submitted within two weeks after your office visit. 

If you do not already have your medical records, we suggest that you contact your primary care doctor or specialist or the medical facility in which you were treated. Records from your patient portal are also acceptable. We suggest that you use the form which appears below. Please be advised that it may take time to obtain your medical records and there may be a charge for the records from your provider. No referral is necessary from your PCP or Specialist.

Please do not mail them to our office. Please bring a copy with you to your appointment or you can fax the records to (815) 366-7913. It is preferable to bring the records with you. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE RECORDS TOGETHER AS THEY WILL BE SCANNED AND RETURNED.

The medical records should include a diagnosis of your condition and a medication record and may include doctor’s history and physical exam, progress notes, surgical notes, reports of X-rays or MRI’s, Lab results and other studies. The record you bring with you will become part of your medical record at MedMar Medical.

We do not need hundreds of pages, just the essentials. We do not need the actual studies (MRI, CAT scan, X-ray, etc.) just the reports. A summary letter from your primary care provider or specialist is also acceptable which should clearly indicate your diagnosis, the period for which he has seen you for treatment, the results of any tests performed, and the treatment prescribed.

Please note, medical bills, prescription bottles, pharmacy receipts, legal papers, and disability documents may be helpful supporting information, but they are not medical records.

MedMar Medical cannot be your primary care provider.

Medical Records Request Form (PDF)