Patient Guidance
Registering with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program

1 Obtain a Certification
This is the first step. You must first be certified by a qualified health care provider in order to
register. Schedule an appointment with your health care provider. A certification is given after
the patient is diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition.
2 Register With The State
You must complete your registration with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program
(Program). See below for ways to register. The Program reviews applications in the
order they are received.

PIN Number
After you are certified, you will be sent an email from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control
Commission (CCC) with your:
• Patient PIN number
• Instructions on how to register with the Program

Two Ways To Register
Online registration through the Medical Use of Marijuana Online system is the fastest and most
convenient way to register. For detailed instructions, please refer to the
following link: www.Mass.Gov/MedicalMarijuana
Paper registration is available for those who are unable to register online. This is
a more lengthy process. Please call the Program at (833) 869-6820 to request a paper
registration form.

Before Registering You Will Need The Following:
• Your PIN number
• Current valid form of identification (ID)
• Current photograph of yourself
If registering online, you may be able to use your MA RMV photo during the “Upload Photo” step.
Please reference the photograph instructions on the next page.

First Time Online Registrants:
1 Register with Virtual Gateway (VG):

2 You will see a confirmation page (and receive an
e-mail) with your username and the link to log in to
Be sure to keep your username and password. You will need your original username
when you renew your registration.

3 After logging in to VG, you then register with the Medical Use of Marijuana
Online System.

Acceptable Valid Forms of ID
If at any time there is a change to your valid form of ID, you must update the
Program. Your ID must remain current and not expired. Only the following four are
acceptable IDs:

1 MA Driver’s License
2 MA ID Card

3 U.S. Passport
4 U.S. Military ID

The name & address on your state issued ID must match the name & address on your
MMJ registration application. For more information on how to update your name and
address on your ID, contact the RMV, or visit their website: www.MassRMV.Com

If you use a U.S. passport or U.S. military ID, you must also submit a
document that proves your MA residency (see below list). The name & address on your ID
must match the name & address on your proof of residency document.

Proof of Massachusetts Residency
Only required for those who are providing a U.S. Passport or U.S. Military ID. The name and address
on your proof of residency must match the name and address on your
MMJ registration application. Only the below documents will be accepted. Submit one of
the following:

• Utility Bill
Less than 60 days old
• Current MA Motor Vehicle Registration Card
• Tuition Bill
Due date of less than 6 months old

• U.S. Marriage Certificate
Dated within past 6 months
• Property Tax or Excise Tax Bill
• First-Class Mail from Federal or State Agency
Less than 60 days old

• Car Insurance Policy or Bill
Less than 60 days old
• Current MA-Issued Professional License
• Mortgage, Lease, or Loan
Dated with past 6 months

Photograph of Yourself
If registering online, you may be able to use your MA RMV photo during the
“Upload Photo” step. If you are unable to use your RMV photo, you must provide a photo of
This photo will be placed on your Program ID card. Your photo should be:

✓ Taken in front of a plain white/off
-white background

✓ Taken looking directly at the
camera held at eye level

✓ Recent photo to reflect what you look like now
✓ Show only your head & top of your shoulders (see example to right)

✓ Taken with both eyes open
without eyewear
✓ Taken without any face or head coverings, except for religious purposes

✓ .JPG or .PDF format

✓ File size 2MB max

ID Card

• Carry at all times when in possession of marijuana for medical use.
• Notify the program within five business days if your card is lost. Request a new card
through your online account. For paper applicants, send a check payable to “The Commonwealth of
Massachusetts” with a letter.
$10 fee to replace Program IDs cards.
• Registration renewal is required every year. Expiration date on Program ID card is separate
from registration expiration.

Annual Registration Renewal
Registrations expire annually. You must renew your registration every year with the Program.
It is highly recommended to apply for your renewal 60 days prior to the expiration of
your registration to ensure there is no gap in your registration status.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind
Certification with your Health Care Provider
Visit your health care provider to become recertified before your certification expires.
Certification length varies patient by patient, as determined by the certifying health care

Use the same username and password used during your initial registration.


Registration with the Program
Expires annually. Renew your registration with the Program 60 days prior to the expiration.
Program ID Card
Expires every 3 years. Renew your registration

Updating Information
If there are any changes to the information you provided the Program, you must update this
information with the Program within 5 business days. Log in to VG (https://SSO.HHS.State.MA.US/)
and update your information.

with the Program 60 days prior to the expiration.

Still Have Questions?
Visit our website: www.Mass.Gov/MedicalMarijuana

@ E-Mail: MedicalMarijuana@State.MA.US Call: (833) 869-6820