Guidelines June 6, 2020 

To mitigate the health hazards of in-office visits, we have changed our practice  to TeleHealth to service your medical needs. Based on the Baker Administration’s plan to safely reopen the Massachusetts economy announced June 6, 2020, we shall continue to provide TeleHealth services until further notice.

MedMar Medical LLC  (CCC Reg. No. D11021) was formed to permit qualified patients to possess and use marijuana for medical purposes. Qualifying patients seeking to self-medicate with cannabis and to have access to dispensaries must possess a Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC”) medical marijuana (“MMJ”) license. 

Although cannabis is now legal for recreational purposes in Massachusetts, there will continue to be Medical Dispensaries for which only patients with an MMJ card will have access. There is no state tax for products obtained in a Medical Dispensary and no restrictions on the kinds and potencies of the products available. Shops have restrictions on products and a tax on all sales of up to 23%.

To obtain an MMJ license, qualifying patients must be certified by a CCC registered medical provider. With the MedMar Medical issued certification code, a patient then has to register with the CCC in order to obtain or maintain an MMJ license.  We will provide written instructions on how to self-register through the MMJ Online System (See CCC 15-Step Registration).  If a patient is unable to self-register, we offer an optional service which will assist with the submission. We will submit all necessary documents, make the payment of the state fee (if required), and provide evidence of the submission.  Please see the fees for our services (Services and Fees).

When the registration is approved by the CCC, a patient will receive an MMJ license. The card is valid for one year. Patients MUST CERTIFIED BY A PHYSICIAN and re-register with the state annually.

Under the final regulations issued by the CCC, a Qualifying Patient must be a “Massachusetts resident 18 years of age or older who has been diagnosed by a Massachusetts licensed certifying physician as having a debilitating medical condition…“. A debilitating condition is one that affects and substantially limits one or more major life activities including activities such as eating, sleeping, ambulating, working, and socializing. Therefore the final decision for certifying a patient is left to a qualified Massachusetts licensed physician. Minors are covered under different regulations and require certfication by two physicians.(See Final DPH Regulations)


If you are a new patient medical records are needed from your Primary Care Provider or Specialist. Records from your patient portal are acceptable. The records should show your diagnosis, treatment and a medications list. If you are renewing to obtain an MMJ card, no medical records are necessary unless there has been a substantial change from your last appointment with us. (see Medical Records) (see Patient Forms)

MedMar Medical is also now accepting Rhode Island residents in our Quincy office who require a physician’s certification to obtain a RI Medical Marijuana card. We also can provide the necessary certification form for the State of Maine.

If you are looking for a physician to provide a Medical Marijuana certification, please give us a call today or fill out the Request for Appointment form.

All medical visits are by appointment only and payment must be made at the time of the appointment. 


 Our attending physicians evaluate patients for a state issued MMJ card.  We do not prescribe medical marijuana, nor physically assist patients in cultivating, using, or obtaining cannabis.